Our betting tools put more power in your hands to calculate the value of your bets, see form in a different light or understand betting terms.

Betting Calculators

Our betting calculators give you the freedom to understand how much a bet will pay out, convert odds between common formats, identify the margin or calculate an arbitrage or hedge.

Odds Converter Calculator

Convert odds easily between common formats

Bet Calculator

Work out the Payout for you chosen Stake and Odds.

Arbitrage Calculator

Easily calculate an Arb or Hedge position.

Margin Calculator

Find out how much a bookmaker is charging you.

Handicap table

Handicap table

See how well teams perform against market expectations with Pinnacle's EPL Handicap Table. Which teams under or over perform? Use our Handicap Table to find out.

Handicap table

Betting Glossary

Betting Glossary

Learn the meaning of common and more complex betting terms from accumulator to vigorish, with our exhaustive, searchable betting Glossary.

Betting Glossary